Developer Relations Lead, RAKwireless

Maria Hernandez

Experienced developer of firmware/hardware development based on IoT solutions, writer of technical & media content, and leader of community and client engagement. Maria has put her degree in Electronic Engineering, Automation & Control to the test within the field of IoT. Working with the RAKwireless team is a bonus that compliments Maria’s outgoing, goal-oriented personality.

Co-founder, open acoustic Devices

Andy Hill

Andy Hill is the Co-founder of Open Acoustic Devices; a UK-based company that designs, supports and deploys open-source acoustic hardware and software for our user community, as well as our own environmental and wildlife monitoring projects.  Their Audiomoth product is used by thousands of wildlife researchers around the world.

Partner, bolt.io

Tyler Mincey

I’m supporting a new wave of creative entrepreneurs building companies on transformative technologies.  Previously, I’ve lead product, design, and engineering teams developing groundbreaking hardware and software products at organizations large and small.

CEO, StoneAge, Inc & Breadware

Kerry Siggins

Kerry Siggins is the CEO of Breadware, an IoT product development firm and subsidiary of StoneAge, Inc. Under Kerry’s leadership, StoneAge and Breadware are disrupting the industrial cleaning industry through the development of IoT enabled products. Why does this matter? Because everything we use in our daily lives is manufactured in a facility that has production equipment in need of maintenance and cleaning. Without industrial cleaning, you wouldn’t have your vehicle, tires, battery, or gasoline. The world is a dirty place and StoneAge is cleaning it through IoT.

CEO, Duro Labs

Michael Corr

Duro Lab’s PLM SaaS platform empowers distributed hardware engineering and manufacturing teams to build a resilient supply chain, streamline their product data management, and accelerate product development. Through the digitization and agilization of hardware, Duro is disrupting a 30 year old industry of inefficient and high risk BOM data management tools.

Lead, DweloCare

Kate Swanson

Dwelo is a leading provider of smart technology that is changing the way people live and work in apartments. Dwelo fits communities with smart tech that gives residents control of access, climate, lighting, and more across communal and private spaces, all from our mobile and voice apps. Community staff use Dwelo’s integrated software platform to manage vacant units, vendor, and staff access and conduct self touring. Kate has led the growth of the DweloCare team through the expansion to over 350 Dwelo communities across the country powered by hundreds of thousands of devices.

CEO, Lagerdata

Akbar Dhanaliwala

Akbar is the CEO of Lager Data and an embedded engineer with 16 years of experience. He has developed firmware and hardware for numerous industry-leading companies including SolarCity, Pax, Juul, Volkswagen, and Bosch.

Before Lager, he was Director of Engineering for the a16z-backed startup Ringly and co-founder of Minna, an award-winning sexual health device company, and Pocobor, a Bay Area embedded systems design firm.

CEO and Co-founder, Motocrane

Zach Nelson

Category disrupter, democratizing through technology.
Co-founder of MotoCrane, LLC.
Art + engineering enthusiast.


Karen Sun

As Dwelo’s CTO, Karen designs it’s IoT platform to connect and orchestrate tens of millions of devices, clients, sensor readings, and user commands. Previous to Dwelo, she was an engineering manager at Quizlet, where she built the data science team and designed backend services. Karen has over a decade of experience working with high scale distributed systems and doing interesting things with data, like building book retail recommendation engines and computer vision systems for art recognition.


Daniel Price

Daniel is passionate about the new opportunities that are being unlocked in our personal lives and our businesses in the era of intelligent, connected devices.  Daniel has given TEDx talks and addresses at numerous national conferences on new business opportunities emerging from digital transformation and connected products.

Chief Story Operator, Ioterra

Danny deLaveaga

Currently building the online platform Ioterra, a locally-focused donation platform Give&Gab, and renovating my backyard for my friends wedding. I’m best known for my previous company, Breadware, which is a niche IoT product development firm that was acquired in March of 2020.

BroFounder, WAYZN

Adam Smithline

Entrepreneur with experience growing mobile, software, internet, IoT, and SaaS companies. Available to consult on product strategy, marketing, e-commerce, analytics, and operations for interesting D2C, B2C, and B2B companies.

Head of Partnership and Business Development, Ubidots

Cristina Botero

Cristina is helping grow an amazing IoT ‘Internet of Things’ startup, and learning along the way.

Cristina is increasingly curious and enthusiastic about startups, tech, workplace well-being, music, and meeting beautiful minds around the world.

Head of Customer Success, Ubidots

David Sepulveda

David is a passionate about the opportunities for social, economic and cultural development that technology and science can bring to the country. David is experienced in areas of applied physics that includes optics, electronics, instrumentation, digital signal processing, biotechnology, biology, and biochemistry, among others. This knowledge is useful when presenting day-to-day technological solutions.


Agustin Pelaez

🚀 Scaling a global IoT startup.
☕ Enjoying the simple.
🌐 In search of things I don’t know I don’t know.
Currently CEO/Co-founder @Ubidots

cofounder, Birdbuddy | Managing Director, ProtaVentures

Kyle Buzzard

I work with incredible people to bring new hardware products to life.

Founder, Hypothesis Factory | Board Member, Nomi Network

Christian Smith

Hypothesis Factory is a venture studio that partners with founders to prove and scale their next business idea. Christian currently sits on the board at Nomi Network, a nonprofit empowering survivors of human trafficking with education and work opportunities.

Christian’s obsession with the process taking an ideas to global impact started at UCSB where co-founded TrackR. As President, he and the team scaled from 2 engineers in a garage to $50MM in annual revenue, shipping over 8 million devices.

Venture Outreach, Alliance socal

Raychel Espiritu

I build strategic partnerships, secure sponsorship deals, handle branding, digital marketing, and social media strategy for AllianceSoCal.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, AEG, iHeartRadio, ESPN, Sprint, Sony, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Recording Academy, CBS Radio, Techstars, Not Impossible Labs, 11:11 A Creative Collective, MiLA Capital, and more.

Founder, Artio

Sarah Meister

Previously manager of hardware and design at Indiegogo, Sarah Meister has worked with hundreds of hardware, design, and technology companies from around the world to bring their ideas for innovative products to life.

Sarah is the Founder of Artio Consulting, a crowdfunding and product marketing consulting company for entrepreneurs, mid-sized businesses, and larger organizations.  Additionally, Sarah has joined Industrial Design firm Sprout Studios as the Director of Growth and Development.

Developer Advocate, Balena

David Tischler

Innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, and Strategic use of Emerging Technology.

CEO, Sento Tech

Germán Suárez Gómez

I am an entrepreneur, constantly learning. Looking for new ways in which information technologies can help the productive processes of companies. Specialized telecommunications networks and IT infrastructure. Focused on the development of IoT technologies and services.

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How will this virtual conference be hosted?
  • Not Zoom! This conference will be hosted within the virtual world of Ioterra on the social engagement platform, Topia.  Trust us, it is going to be fun 🙂
Are tickets free?
  • Tickets for this innagural event are free!  Come hang out with us in the world of IoT Product Development.
How can my company become an exhibitor?
  • If you are an IoT Product/Solution Company, Service Provider, development tool provider, or inverstor already within the Ioterra member ecosystem, exhibiting at this inagural conference is free.  If you are not already a member of the Ioterra network you will need to jump on a call with the PDC sales team. You can reach us at [email protected].
Can I get recordings of the presentations?
  • Yes! All stage speaker sessions and workshops will be recorded and made available to registered attendees after the conference.
Can I come to only one of the sessions?
  • Come to as many or few of the sessions that spark your interest.  This event will run for 8 hours with a 1 hour break at 12pm for lunch.  The event is broken into 3 main parts that you can pop in and out of and that can be saved into your calendar.

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