About the event

PDC is the best location for product developers to tackle specific challenges and learn to scale their companies. 

A virtual IoT company building conference

We celebrate the fragmentation, overlap, and undeniable power of product development.

The PDC Summit Venue

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PDC is the first national meeting of the Ioterra member network. Our entrepreneurial community is not binary and the role of product development is constantly shifting. Once siloed disciplines now overlap and blur.

PDC is designed as a platform for amplifying the unique voices of IoT product developers and founders while celebrating the deep interconnection with all the required technical and creative disciplines.

We are centered around the goal of convening a diverse group of the brightest minds in engineering, design, innovation, business, and manufacturing. We keep the conversation open to as many innovative perspectives as possible.

Our interest is in developing a shared dialogue that advances our ability to collaborate and magnifies the impact of our work.


Event Organizers

Event Planner

Danny deLaveaga

Event Planner

Katie Sawicki

Event Planner

Daniel Price

Who is PDC for?

IoT Founders, Electrical / Mechanical / Firmware Engineers, Software Developers, Manufacturing Engineers and Owners, Industrial Designers, Product Development Leaders, Technology Investors,  Futurists & Visionaries, and everyone in between!


What should I expect from PDC?

For this inaugural year we are assembling an eclectic mix of content with the goals of providing inspiration, challenging assumptions, and advancing collaboration.   This is the first get-together of the Ioterra network and is designed to be low key, serendipitous, and fun.

Can I hop in an out of the conference?

Yes!  The conference will be going all day. Feel free to pop in and out for specific sessions, check out the sponsors we love in the in exhibitor hall, or network with other attendees.

How does the exhibition hall work?

PDC is hosted in a spacial engagement platform so attendees will be able to walk right up to booths and interact directly via video chat with our sponsors at their booths as well as engage with displayed content such as videos, website links, etc. 

What will the networking be like?

All attendees can approach and talk with other attendees, sponsors, and speakers by virtually walking up to them.  When the attendee avatars are close they will be able to engage in video and text based communications.

Sponsors & Partners we <3

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